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Psychology or travelling? Psychology or travelling?

My opinion changes week to week as to what Interests me more.

I’ve been working with families for 11 years, 3 of these as a qualified Psychologist and 1 specialising in emotional wellbeing and behaviour. It isn’t just a job. It changes the way you think about people, societies and the world. I feel like I see situations differently to others. This doesn’t mean I see it better or worse, just differently. Most often I can’t tell where my thinking is based on my training, and where it is based on my life experiences or genes. It all just blends into one.

It’s a fascinating and important job. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t roses and positive outcomes. Most of the time I wonder if I’ve had any impact at all. However, I can’t imagine doing any other job… Well actually I can.

I grew up with hardworking migrant parents in London. I was taught to value opportunities, study hard and be driven. My first experiences of travelling started at about age 4 with the beginning of the annual visits to see family abroad. It was hot, smelly, rowdy, exciting, adventurous and i realise now as an adult, how fortunate I was to have these early cultural experiences. In each trip, there was also an additional bit of travelling by car or sometimes further afield by train. I loved these times. Looking out the window at people carrying out their daily routines, wondering what they would do next, even though I would probably never see them again. These trips were a stable part of our family life. In addition, my father had a great passion for going abroad (and still does!). My father painstakingly saved every extra penny so we could travel all over the world. That passion was enstilled in me and to this day, I absolutely love to travel. As mentioned, i do have another dream job. This would be a presenter on ‘Wish you were here’ (if it was still on!) or ‘Globetrekker’. The sense of excitement and freedom I have whilst travelling can’t be experienced in any other way for me and telling people about it so that they can experience it too, either in reality or through my descrptions, sounds brilliant. However, actually I am associated more as a meticulous travel planner by the people I’ve gone away with rather than a glam travel presenter.

This blog is intended to be my opinion on several locations, style of travel, and experiences. All photographs are my own.

Here’s a map representing all the places I have been so far. Unfortunately it’s near to impossible to recall my interpretation of trips from the earlier days, and instead I have decided to start from the now And more recent journeys (December 2012).

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