Palma de Mallorca


I went to: Centre, Cort, Puig de Sant Pere, Portixol, Porto Pi

I stayed at: Palma Suites (4*) £££££


Mini Review:

I went here because…

I needed a break to split the very long school term. Also excellent flight prices.

The best thing was…

The sunshine. Given it was nearly winter (November) we were treated to glorious sunshine everyday.

I'd like to change…

People's preconceptions about Mallorca.

I wish I'd had time to…

Visit north of the island and perhaps the wineries of Binissalem.




The largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea with Palma as the island's capital. Holiday makers continue to flock here in their hundreds. Palma intrigues with Roman, medieval and Moorish influences. It's gothic cathedral, La Seu takes prime position in the centre of the city and be sure to look out for Gaudi's work in a few other places.


With wide eyes, I excitedly shared my upcoming trip to Palma with anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, the most frequent responses included a joke about revisiting my youth in Magaluf. Clearly these people hadn't been keeping up with the new and energised Palma, taking the limelight in many a travel magazine. A lot of love and investment has gone into making Palma the way it is now. I will definitely be going back!

With its excellent range of beautiful restaurants, bars and scenes, Palma has something for everyone. We stayed at the efficient and modern Palma Suites. Yes, it's opposite a soup kitchen; no it had no impact on the quality of my trip or stay (if it's still there). There are lots of cobbled streets which could prove a hinderence for older tourists, but the beautiful laid back Spanish approach means no ones in a rush to get anywhere. We pre-booked all the restaurants we went to as we knew they would be in demand and it was very necessary, especially if you want to eat at spanish dinner time.

I'm not sure I could spent a whole week in just Palma. I would certainly head up to Sóller or Deià for a different experience, and I would definitely be spending a few hours visiting the wineries of Binissalem. With 3 nights in Palma we ate in the bustling Santa Catalina area; wandered through the cobbled streets of Cort; sampled paella and local wine in Portixol; sat on the beach eyeing the sunset views of La Seu; and shopped excitedly in Porto Pi (I had a slight obsession with Oysho at the time). Time wonderfully spent.




Forn de Sant Joan

La Paloma

Wine Garage

Club Nautic Portixol (this meal was saved by the friendly owner as we were very very close to walking out due to rude staff and NO service)

Stayed November 2013



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