Something for the winter blues


I've been wondering how to update my blog more often. I tend to take quite a few trips abroad in the year, but what about the rest of the year? Do I not do anything interesting unless I'm travelling?


Well the answer is yes. I definitely make the most out of opportunities in the wonderful city I live in. There is always something going on. New or old; there will always be something I'm yet to experience so I thought a page in ode to London was more than appropriate.


I have a thing about post Christmas blues. I don't allow them to set in.


I try to organise things for the start of the year, booking these in November and December. A preemptive strike against rainy days. I also have a number of my closest friends' birthdays in January, so fun is never that far away, whatever form this takes.


This year I struggled to to think of holiday presents for my family and theatre tickets seemed brilliant as all they ever want is time together rather than a tangible gift. I've been lucky enough to see a number of West End Shows: Chicago; Phantom of the Opera; Les Miserables; The Woman in Black; Lion King; The Book of Mormon and a few more I can't remember right this second!


Mamma Mia wasn't ever on the top of my 'must see' list. I don't know the exact reason why but I do know I've consciously avoided it. Having considered what other options there were for January, Mamma Mia seemed like a good option for the family. I've grown up on ABBA and it was only sitting in the theatre listening to my mum sing along aloud, that reminded me how much. I'm not going to pretend it wasn't intensely cheesy, but it did get better over the show, and most importantly, my parents loved it. I was actually quite busy looking around the theatre at times than focussing on the show. What beautiful buildings we have in this city.

Value: £££££

Experience: 3/5


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