Photos and food


Photography like many other creative arts, often leaves me in awe. I have a decent camera but I haven't managed to learn everything (or anything,) it does yet. My passion is for travelling, but I try to take photographs of everything I do, mostly because I don't trust my memory for the experiences in 20 years time. I think of this blog like my own personal scrapbook.


Even though I'm not a photographer, I certainly appreciate the work and creativity behind it. I also am a very big fan of wildlife documentaries. I could watch them endlessly, especially with the voice of Sir David Attenborough commanding your attention in the background. I've been to the Natural History Museum countless times and it remains my favourite museum (followed closely by the Science Museum). Any opportunity to visit is very inviting!


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is a must on my calendar, not only because it breaks up the dreary start to the year. This years exhibit was just as pleasing. Despite the crowds, we spent a few hours appreciating the work spanning different countries and different landscapes. Wonderfully stunning and always makes me want to see those sights in person, although so well captured in a still image.


We followed the exhibition with a delicious Italian meal at L'Anima. Really well made cocktails, excellent wine list, enjoyable 3 courses and good friendly service. We agreed however that we should have had the pasta!



Value: £££££



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