I went to: Vienna city centre

I stayed at: Radisson Blu Style (4*) £££££


Mini Review:

I went here because…

It's the capital! Since we're going all the way to Austria, it seemed to appropriate to see Vienna.

The best thing was…

Bar hopping between sights with delicious Aperol spritzers.

I'd like to change…

We took the train from Salzburg to Vienna for a different experience. Clean and efficient, but in reality not much of the journey included the picturesque views I had imagined.

I wish I'd had time to…

We stayed for 2 nights which was sufficient, except I wish I'd seen a performance at the opera house.



The largest city in Austria, Wien, as it is known was once home to Sigmund Freud. It has a rich history displayed with beautiful architecture with medieval and baroque touches seen over the city including the wonderful Karlskirche church.


Only a short burst of city break amusement after a very relaxing and beautiful longer trip to Salzburg. In comparison, the glitz and glamour of Vienna didn't compare for me with the rolling hills and lakes of the latter. This does not mean it's somewhere I wouldn't visit again. On the contrary, Vienna is a beautiful city full of wonderful eateries, trendy bars, historical landmarks and beautiful architecture. I almost forgot to mention its important musical history in addition. Perhaps next time it will be a single city trip so I can really soak in the city's own vibe. I imagine its a stunning pre-Christmas destination.



La Tavolozza (Italian). Lovely little restaurant with great service. Travelling with family with particular tastes meant it was a near to guaranteed success.

Sites & places of interest:

Schonbrunn Palace

Hofburg Palace

St Stephen's Cathedral

Rathaus (council building)

Karskirche Church




May 2013


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