I went to… Kluuvi

I stayed at: Hotel Glo (£££££)


Mini Review:

I went here because…

It was a stopover on route to the arctic circle

The best thing was…

Hmm… Not sure. The Finnish dinner in Helsinki was probably the best meal of the entire trip.

I'd like to change…

The hotel! A lot of internal work going on that they didn't inform us about.

I wish I'd had time to…

Visit a neighbouring town for a different view of southern Finland



Small city with numerous hotel choices. Average temp in January about -2 deg C. An expensive place to visit compared with other areas in Europe but consistent with Scandanavia in general.


We were only here for less than 24 hours so its hard to give the city a just review. A few lovely restaurants, a few bars and a few sites. I can't actually imagine spending any longer there as we were stuck for what to do except eat or drink (not tht that's a bad thing!) I couldn't help thinking that we had missed a big chunk of the city somehow. We had an early flight the next day so we couldn't sample the bars as we usually would.



Teatterin Grill- a busy cafe where you order and collect at the counter. Seemed to be many locals and tourists alike. At approx £10 for a soup we were happy to be told by a friendly local not to buy bottled water as it was provided for free at the counter.

Savotta- small restaurant which looked touristy but food was good, and decor very cute. Glad we went. Intimate and friendly.

Sites & Places of Interest:

The Cathedral which I was surprised to see very sparsely decorated inside. A beautiful building from the outside.

The port which was completely frozen over when we visited. I admit I was tempted to run across it (but obviously didn't). Markets around the port during the day but we found things were more expensive here then north of the country.

Teatterin Grill

Teaterrin Grill

Markets at the port
Inside the cathedral



Savotta restaurant



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