I went to…

Klongsan + other areas

I stayed at:

Millennium Hilton Bangkok (£££££)


Mini Review:

I went here because…

It's the linking ground to the rest of the country and a fun city

The best thing was…

Food, shopping, culture. I love this city.

I'd like to change…

Nothing really. I wish I didn't have sunburn from the predecessing trip. Ouch.

I wish I'd had time to…

For a 2 night stay I think we got in quite a bit. Perhaps a night to go out to a club (and have time to nurse a hangover)




Riverfront hotel. City has excellent and clean transport links. Taxis are plentiful (although be wary of certain coloured cabs charging higher rates). Excellent choice of restaurants, bars, shops, places to see/visit.



We had near to three days here at the end of our trip. We could've done with more time, but isn't that the usual holiday feeling when it's coming to an end?

This being my third trip to Bangkok, I had a view of what we should do in the time. A full on itinerary was planned to ensure we made the best out of the short stop. A delayed flight from Phuket was most unwelcome as it meant rushing to our dinner reservation. The fact that our trip was ending dawned heavily on me. One of the best holidays of my life in tems of variety, climate, culture and eating. This meant everything we did had an air of reality about our return to real life. That being said, there is just so much to do here, you don't have time to sulk. We visited the hotspots: The Grand Palace; Temple of Dawn; Wat Pho. Remember to dress modestly at these, wearing loose trousers that cover your ankles and tops that cover your shoulders (for both males and females). You can borrow garments for free but there is a rather long queue and the slight curiosity about whether they really did wash the clothing after use. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained, although expectedly busy. We tinkered around the markets by the river and bought a rather lovely painting which in reality could mean absolutely nothing, but the shop owner made a good pitch and its now looking lovely hanging in the hallway at home.

Taxis are generally pricier than trains but in the heat its easy to choose the most accessible option. Generally, it's best to use a metered taxi and note the taxi car number and driver details (I do this with all taxis I take by taking a picture of the ID card with my phone). I've never had any issues with taxis before but I always check the meter is working properly. I was slightly concerned by the purpose of having an exceptionally long fingernail on your little finger which seemed to be common. I can only imagine its a cultural secret rather than for when they have an itch.

There are several malls offering same same but different clothing (that's something you'll hear!). Some malls focus on designer brands whilst others offer for local products. Plenty of choice, although not as cheap as things used to be ten years ago.



Table de Tee

A very small restaurant with regularly changing menu. I loved the look of the sample menu online as it sounded interesting yet not too interesting. A little bit awkward to find, but that may have been our tiredness. All courses were good and the price really reasonable. Annoyingly, there were some ex-pats in a group who were very drunk and very loud (amplified by the size of the restaurant), but it didn't take away from enjoying the meal.

Le Normandie @ The Mandarin Oriental

Old fashioned excellent service with attention to detail. Beautiful views and decor, and good quality food. Quite pricey for Bangkok, but wonderful for treat.

All malls have food courts with a huge variety of foods available at great value for money.

Sites & Places of Interest:

A few mentioned above, but many more in easy access.



View from Vertigo bar where stopped for a pre-dinner drink
View from the room (and my lunch)



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